Why Bloggers Do Not Earn from Blogging?

Today i was thinking what to write about, and suddenly an idea came to my mind. I know cases in which bloggers  that have good amount of traffic, established a community and a good reader/writer relationship started to think about ways to make their work paid. Unfortunately there are persons that got all a starting blogger could dream about (traffic,readers) but they simply DO NOT know how to  make a revenue out of it. So in this article i am going to talk mostly about – Why bloggers DO NOT earn from blogging?

I do not know if many of those who read this article at the moment have ever asked themselves this type of question. But still i want to give you some ideas/reasons why some of people that blog fail at this part.

One of the most important things in my opinion that can lead to some earnings is approaching the right marketing strategy. Once you want to start earning you should start reading and getting more into the marketing area, knowing how to put a value on your written content and marketing it right can lead your online business to great success. I would say that marketing is just as essential as the content is. So the number one reason why bloggers do not earn from blogging is because they lack any basic marketing knowledge at all.

Another mistake i noticed lots of beginners commit, is starting a general blog based on multiple niches. Also there are persons that simply do not take blogging seriously and want to earn, by not paying attention to their blog development and making posts once a month at least. My point here is, do not expect to earn from something you do not invest into. Blogging can be considered as a part time job, some of experienced bloggers made it full time. Why? Because they see a perspective in what they do, they aim high and try hard to reach it. Only by constant and consistent work you can become a pro blogger as well. Just believe in what you do!

I also hear lots of people i talked to telling that i am wasting my time, that blogging can’t bring you any revenue and that’s simply impossible. Even my parents at one point considered so, you know what my answer is to all of these people? I fail then i fail, i succeed then i will not be sorry i went further. Either way the juice is worth the squeeze.

Lots of starting bloggers make blogs just for earnings purpose, i must admit at one point i also did so. And after some time i realized where my mistake was all that time. I want to tell you something important, once you start blogging DO NOT expect earning hundreds of dollars from first days. Why? Because at one point you will see that it is not happening, and you might get disappointed and take in consideration to abandon all your started work because the expectations you had were too high. Earning from a blog is a matter of time, take that into mind. Work not for money but for audience, and all the rest will come with time.

It will never be too easy at the start but if you find the power to keep pushing yourself and keep learning, then you can make your dream come true. There will be lots of ups and downs during your activity and that’s normal it’s sort of part of the process. So don’t get  discouraged by that and no matter what keep striving for more and though the results might not show up at the moment they surely will later on. It’s all about striving further day by day and never quitting.

Those where some basic ideas and starting advises that i wish i knew at the beginning of my blogging experience, but from mistakes we learn and honestly i am glad i had the pleasure to face all these problems and circumstances on my own.

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