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Penguin 2.0 – What’s That?!

Google never stops on improving it’s users experience. Spam, Black Hat SEO will be no more an advantage for those who practiced these methods before. With the new Penguin 2.0 announcement all this is said to be already in the past. So here comes the best part – Penguin 2.0 supports quality sites with great [...]

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5 Practical Ways to Simplify Your Content

This is another important SEO aspect to take into consideration for your website. The main reason for that is the high tendency for starters to spam their website with tons of unfiltered information. It’s highly important to remember that people are looking for information that is well structured and nevertheless the one that gives the [...]

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3 Tips to Help You Optimize Posts for Search Engines

SEO blog posts optimization

As you already might know it’s very essential to rank better and higher to get your blog well optimized and noticed. There are numerous articles on search engine optimization (SEO) as it is a popular topic that bloggers tend to explore and learn more about. It is important to know how to optimize your blog [...]

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How to Analyze Backlinks Quality

building backlinks

I am pretty sure that most of you are familiarized with the definition or the term backlinks. Though if some from you are not, I’ll take a few moments to explain what this term means so that we can move further. A backlink is any link received by a web node from another web node. [...]

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5 Important SEO Rules and Guidelines

Important SEO Rules and Guidelines

So here you are having a website, running it but getting no traffic at all. Did you ever wonder why? Well here comes some important things that every blogger should know how to do and apply. I am talking here about Search Engine Optimization, which in fact is vital for every blog. In order to [...]

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