5 Practical Ways to Simplify Your Content

This is another important SEO aspect to take into consideration for your website. The main reason for that is the high tendency for starters to spam their website with tons of unfiltered information. It’s highly important to remember that people are looking for information that is well structured and nevertheless the one that gives the answers they search for. Therefore here is a good exercise for you to understand how a simple visitor would feel on your website while reading the content that you provide. Ask yourself these two simple but crucial questions:

  1. What is my first impression as I read through the article?
  2. What could I possibly do in order to make the existing content much more appealing and interesting?

First impressionSimple questions, aren’t they? Indeed, but answering those two questions above will help you give an idea of what changes you could make in order to produce a better atmosphere for the reader. Following on let’s start and see some practical ways that can definitely help you make your content better and easier to read.

1) Remove the Unnecessary

That’s right! Try to make your website look nice and simple. Don’t overuse different widgets in your sidebar. Instead, use only the necessary things that might be helpful to a user. Besides having too many useless widgets will not only make the visitors close your site instantly but will also make your site load time take longer which is another thing you shouldn’t neglect.

2) Keep It Simple

Always try to keep your articles simple! Of course you shouldn’t forget about writing grammatically correct. Just write as you feel, speak through your article, as you write maintain it in a friendly manner. Another thing for you too keep in mind is to not write articles that are 1000+ words, if you have more to add to a current post then simply make a series of other posts that are continuing the same approach on an idea or subject. As I said above too much text is not good. Never forget to insert and make use of images. Choose accurately the images you decide to use, make them reflect somewhat the idea or topic you want to explain in the post.

3) Make It Blend

If you have ads within your article, then definitely do your best to make those ads blend in with your content. Do this so that the user does not get distracted and therefore can keep reading freely. Don’t forget about your website theme, colors, font, even images. Try your best and make it pleasant for one’s eye. In order to do that continually experiment with colors, units placement, fonts, sizes, so on and so forth. All these aspects are having an influence on your content and the way it will be perceived.

4) Use Data

With technology nowadays it’s even easier to understand what your visitors are doing on the site. There are lots of tools that can help you with this, offering you real time analytics. One of the tool that I have heard positive feedback from is Clicky. It offers you in-depth data that you can explore and apply later on. Find everything you need to know from Visitors Number to Average Time per Visit or even the Bounce Rate. All these data will definitely help you with improving the overall experience a visitor will have when reading your website content.

5) Write with Passion

Of course the most important and last thing is to always write with passion. That is the key to having a successful blog. Always write as if you are talking to your visitors face to face. Make them feel comfortable and valued. Never forget to ask for their opinions. Make them be a part of your website, share with them everything you know, contribute to their development and they will repay you the invested time and favor for sure! When you write with passion and dedication you automatically get involved in offering valuable content.

That’s pretty much all for today. Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed this article, just the way I enjoyed writing it. If so then feel free to leave a comment below, and of course share it with others!

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