SEO Tips for Optimizing Your Keyword Density


In order to rank better and have a better optimization for our blogs, we appeal to Keywords Density. This article will show you some tips on how to optimize your blogger posts Keywords Density and of course explain you briefly what this term actually means. First of all i think will start by defining what Keyword Density is.  Well it is basically the number of times a Keyword shows in the content of your article, in exchange of the number of total words used. We also could call it a ratio.

Let me give you a simple example. Lets suppose that your article has a total of 1000 words and your keyword appears in the content of that article (page) for 10 times, then your keyword density is 1 percent. That’s how we measure it, but what’s the ideal number of keyword density for a single page? For SEO its mostly likely between  3% to 7%. Less than 3% will not be that effective, escalating the 7%  search engines will consider it to stuffy.

Keyword Density

Having not enough Keyword Density will make your blog/site ranking not that good, exceeding that number will make it consider search engines that you are using SPAM in your content, trying to fool them. Better of all to be sure that you place the keywords in the beginning and the end of your posts. And don’t forget to add some of them, integrate them with your content so it looks good and makes sense for the readers.

SEO tips for optimizing your Keyword Density:

  • You should use Related Posts with your keyword in your posts;
  • Try to use Tags/Labels, with Tags on your pages or index page will increase the number of your keyword;
  • It’s good to use Anchor Text Link that refers to your keyword page title;
  • Use images inside your posts and include alt tag and the title tag, naming the picture after your page title  name.
  • Don’t forget to use Popular/Latest Posts widgets;

That’s pretty much all for this article, hope you liked it!

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