SEO Skills That You Must Develop As A Blogger

Blogging is not something that easy as it might seem. Lot’s of bloggers that venture into this world ditch their online activities in less than 3 months. If you find the power to do this for more than 3 moths then I believe you can become a great blogger. Nevertheless in order to get noticed most of us “bloggers” appeal to some SEO skills, which in fact are crucial for your future development. So here are some essential skills that surely will help you get noticed in the blogosphere.

Link Building

In order to start getting the very first visitors to your blog you have to make yourself present on other blogs. How do you do that? Not that hard, all you have to do is starting to comment on blogs related to your niche. Also you can write some guest-posts and include some links that lead to your web address.

You can also use directories and subscribe to them. Therefore having more links outside your blog that lead towards it will help you in link building and making search engines see your blog somehow active and of value, giving it some ranking in it’s overall positions. Some of the methods I listed above can be categorized as external link building that’s why you shouldn’t neglect the internal part too. Try to include links inside blog-posts that lead to other pages on the same site. That’s why implement, experiment and repeat the process over and over. In the end having this skill learned from the very start will make a huge difference later.

Social Media

Such a powerful tool nowadays – Social Media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + offer you this great opportunity to make people not only know about you and what you do, but also help you interact and establish a trustworthy relationship with them. That’s why lots of newly companies, bloggers appeal to these incredible sites that can help them increase their sales tremendously. Having a high online presence in the social media world can help drive some insane traffic, and from there it’s all about generating that traffic into prospects.

Social Media Sites

Content Marketing

So applying the two methods I wrote about above will surely help in getting some traffic, but in order to make that traffic convert you firstly have to offer them something. People always were and always will appreciate information. Of course not any kind of information, but the one that focuses on VALUE. If you get people to like the content you provide and give them answers to their questions. Then the possibility is quite high they will like, follow and subscribe to you for more updates. Why? Because deep down they know you are not some kind of scammer, but you actually care and are there for them. I believe that every company or a simple blogger should focus on this really important aspect. As once you do it right nothing can’t stop you from expanding even more.


Definitely as a blogger when it comes to writing you have to dispose the skill of researching. In order to write a killer article you have to know your next topic really, really well. Researching keywords competition, analytics, reading about all the changes that take place in the online world. All this might surely take you some time, but once learned this skill will be of great use. As a serious blogger if you focus on value then you might need to do some research in order to find out how actual and popular that topic is. That’s why this skill will come in really handy with time.


Last but not least I believe that in order to succeed you have to want it badly. It’s all hidden behind the way your mind works. Do you really want this? Can you do it? Are you willing to invest time? These are some question that should make you understand that once you venture there will always be a way back, but still how far are you willing to go? Lots of people venture, lots of them turn around and quit. So tell me now do you want to be one of the rest? Or do you really want to be the best, and are ready to do everything in order to be one. It’s up to you my friend, but I hope that no matter what you will never accept defeat.

Wish you all the best and really hope that you enjoyed today’s article. If so then it would be of great value from your part to leave a comment in the box below and share your thoughts, ideas with me. Also feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed and give the article a like, obviously if you liked it. Have a nice day!

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