How to Implement SEO When You Have A Limited Budget


Wouldn’t that be great to get lots of traffic and potential buyers to your product without doing anything at all?! I think that would be awesome. And indeed there are companies that can offer you that of course for a price. In case you have a limited budget and you struggle to get people to find your service/product, below are listed some great steps that can help you.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Analyze your website

No matter what type of business you own it’s important to create an efficient SEO plan for effective promotion. The best thing to start off is by analyzing your website search engine optimization. Having accurate information regarding how well your site is optimized can be crucial.  It’s important to find the weak points your project faces at the moment, and think about how to turn it into a great SEO campaign.

In case you can’t afford to pay a SEO agency, there is a great tool called Traffic Travis. After you have installed the program and created a new “Project” for your website take a look at the “Page Warnings” tab from Dashboard. When you open any of the “Page Warnings” a pop-up window will appear showing you the identified shortcomings for your exact page. Once you fix all the problems, your SEO progress will gradually increase. Moreover the best part is that you will not be needed to spend lots of money.

Work manually on SEO

SEO is not some sort sorcery learned behind closed doors. Taking in consideration how the internet industry evolves day by day and how many websites are created daily the only key to survive is to differentiate yourself. There are lots of resources and even tutorials on how to do and optimize your site. In order to rank you have to know at least some basics of SEO and implement them right away so that you can see results. Some good tips are: optimizing the page titles, using the right keywords that can be analyzed and generated through Google’s KeyWord Tool.

For more information read the article below:

In addition to all that was said, a good practice is to include a few internal links on your site. Something you can do yourself or find a classified person to do that for you. Again it all depends on your budget.

Use tools to analyze your Competitors backlinks.

The number of links from other authority websites that track to yours also mean a lot for search engines. As mentioned above it is important to have backlinks to your website that’s why you can spend some hours every day and build them on your own either simply pay someone. There is a great way to creating such links and that is checking out sites that link to your competitors. In order to do that without spending too much cash you can use Open Site Explorer  and insert the URLs of all your competitors. Though using the free version you will not be able to see as many results as in the case of a paid one, still I think it’s a good point to start from.

Build backlinks on your own

Build backlinks

Using the information you received in this article so far can help you generate an idea about how SEO works. Still i’ve got some other ways that could help you build backlinks on your own. Some of you may have already heard about them. Anyways I will write some great ways to help you with your promotion.

  1. Guest Posting – Write on others blogs and backlink to your official page. It is also a great method to make people know who you are.
  2. Writing articles and creating images so that you can share them on Social Media sites, something that can definitely help you reach a larger audience. Basically try to be present everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc.
  3. Offer FREE – it always works, people love FREE so don’t hesitate to create a product and give it to them as a sign of appreciation.

The results might not appear over night but with some discipline and hard work it can be achieved. The simple fact that you do not have sufficient funds to implement SEO in your business does not mean that you will not be able to do it at all.  Also it’s not a reason to spend all your time only on optimizing the site, remember that you have competitors who might be investing a good budget on optimization. So really try to differentiate yourself from the crowd and people will notice you.

Consult an Expert

Last but not least no matter how badly you want to make things on your own, there are situations when you just need the help of an expert. All the methods listed above are good no doubt, but in order to outrank and be the best in your niche/business it is essential to learn from experts. That’s why never think only about saving, in some cases you have to give in order to gain more.

Thank you for reading today’s article on  How to implement SEO when you have a limited budget and I really hope that you learned something valuable today. I would greatly appreciate if you would leave a comment and also subscribe to my RSS feed!

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