Permanent Visitors – How Do You Get Them?

Every online marketer, blogger looks for different ways to help them get their product noticed by more people. No matter how good is your product, if you don’t have a solid audience then the chances are quite low you will get any profit out of it. With the possibilities that internet gives us day by day people are constantly venturing in the online world hoping to earn and make money within the first days of activity. Though the reality is completely different and gaining permanent visitors these days is not that easy as it might seem. Because if you don’t have a good amount of visitors daily on your site there are really no chances for you to earn any money at all. That’s why today I thought about writing some things that once implemented on your blog or site could make you get noticed more easily and therefore build an audience that is interested in what you have to offer.

Permanent Visitors
Have you ever wondered why on some sites people are constantly returning to but on others like yours they forget about it right away. It’s pretty much not that hard to understand and the answer is standing right in front of you. First of all it’s really hard to make a person remember your site, depending on your URL. Therefore the easier and simpler it is the better for you, this should be one aspect to keep in mind when starting an online project. But that’s not all, as there are hundreds of sites we visit daily, the actual amount of sites that we remember and note down is very reduced. Why’s that? The reason number one I believe is because the sites we stumble upon are not offering us what we expected.

Imagine yourself looking for some information on the internet, you stumble across so many websites that target the keyword you were looking for but in reality only one single site among all the others offered you what you were looking for. Isn’t that frustrating? Will you return to those keyword farming sites again? I’m not that sure. More and more people look to target keywords and get in the top of search engines without even concerning that they really have no useful information to offer. This is where they fail the most. So don’t be one of those people. Target keyword appropriate to your blog subject and write content that can help your visitors. In this way they will surely reward you with a subscription, like, follow or a simply thankful comment.

Below I listed some factors that can have an impact on how visitors understand your website. They are really not that complicated and if you choose to make these changes then I’m pretty sure the amount of visitors to your site will increase in a matter of time.

1) Site Age – This plays truly an important role. Sites that are established for years on the market will have a much bigger advantage than you. But that’s not a reason to start something and lead it to be as successful as those sites.

2) Information – How good is the information? Will it help the visitor? Those are some of other many questions you have to ask yourself first of all. Don’t forget that people are looking for answers to their questions. So give them what they are looking for!

3) Good Promotion– In the first year in order people to find out about you it’s necessarily to apply some advertisement and internet marketing techniques. Don’t hesitate to use Social Media and all the services that can come handy for a good promotion.

4) Design – No matter what you say, design did play an important role and it will in the future. So don’t neglect your website appearance, make it somewhat unique and user-friendly.

5) Giveaways – People love FREE. Create contests, do spend some money in the beginning for different type of contests and giveaways so that more people hear about you. It will cost you, but it will definitely be worth it.

6) Uniqueness – Try to not copy others. And don’t just think that if you copy a person then what works for them might work for you just as well. Instead try something new, try to be different! Never limit your potential, always think about something better.

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