Penguin 2.0 – What’s That?!

Google never stops on improving it’s users experience. Spam, Black Hat SEO will be no more an advantage for those who practiced these methods before. With the new Penguin 2.0 announcement all this is said to be already in the past. So here comes the best part – Penguin 2.0 supports quality sites with great and unique content. Therefore, those who worked hard and did put a lot of hard work in their websites will experience the perks of being a genuine content creator.


There are lots of information on the internet about this algorithm precisely. From what i have read and understood, the new update will be a great deal for those people who practice White Hat SEO tactics. As these people focus on methods that will improve a user experience on the site. How? Offering something that is truly valuable and that can basically help. From now on marketers and content creators that have knowledge in their field of work will get noticed from now on. That’s why Google looks forward to reward with this update those who really deserve it.

There are some aspects though that the new update will take into consideration when ranking sites. As you might know there is on-page and off-page ranking for a site. Here i want to list some off-page tactics for you to try in order to get Penguin’s attention. Some of which are:

1) Link Building  – Keep paying attention to your link building strategies. Remember that spamming and using Black Hat tactics is not an option for you now. If you used to practice this then really give it up from now on. Try to build links on your own, surely it will take longer but it will be definitely worth it. Keep in mind that you should look for quality rather than quantity.

2) Social Media – This is another important tool as I said in so many articles before. Social Media is a great way to get mentioned in the online world. It is indeed a great way to make new contacts and to gather around people interested in same subject just like you. The new algorithm will pay attention to your involvement on other social media sites like – Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon  etc.

3) Same Niche Sites – When I write that what I actually mean is – try to collaborate and reach out to other people from same niche. Guest Posting is also an option. Make connections with those people as this is what Penguin is searching for – credibility. That’s what is important, for you not to be only on your own but to also be part of the blogosphere.

4) Offline Content – That is something hard to believe but still Google looks forward to hear about you not only in the online world, they also look forward to see what other experts from the offline talk about your website. Magazines, newspapers, publications seeing them mention you and your business is already something of great value in the eyes of Google.

Final Thoughts

This article was supposed to offer you a basic, general idea of what this update is about and how you can rank higher by using some of the tactics listed above. Therefore, I highly recommend and advise you whether you are a content writer or an internet marketer to stay updated with all these new updates coming up. Because, believe me or not following them will make a great difference for you. Changes are being made all the time, mostly those who tend to spend some time discovering and applying the new changes in their favor get to reach the success they so looked forward to. Wish you all the best and have fun doing what you do, no matter what It is.

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