Best Ways to Increase the Newsletter Subscribers Number

Increase Blog Subscribers NumberI am sure lots of you are acknowledged with the importance that a powerful mail list can have on your blogs future. As a blogger the main purpose to aim for is trying to convert as much visitors as possible into your subscribers and why not make them daily readers. There are lots of articles and discussions around this important subject. Nevertheless I think it’s never too much, and that’s why I decided to write a post where I tell you the best ways to help you increase the newsletter subscribers number. I can not guarantee that after reading this article you will get thousand of readers right away, but still if you take these tips  into consideration and try to follow them along then you could succeed and make it happen.

1. Offer value

When you go to popular blogs and see the enormous number of comments, likes, tweets it makes you wonder how did that guy get there? Well the answer is not that hard actually. By offering something of value you make the reader return to your website. Once you keep investing time in your articles and follow a schedule and take this serious your visitors will notice that. Especially when you give some valuable information they will want to be the first to know and read about it. That is the main reason lots of old blogs got so many subscribers. They kept working and investing in their sites, and that’s what got them where they are now.

2. Giveaways

A great example to make people hear and know you is giving something away for free. The only thing that is needed from the behalf of the visitor is to complete some tasks that you establish. Some examples of Giveaways ideas: Discount Coupons, Money ($), eBooks, Audio, Electronics and other gadgets. Depends on what your blog primarily focuses, but even then it really doesn’t matter that much. Because every one loves FREE stuff, especially when you can get it online.

3. Show your subscribers number

Showing your subscribers number is a great way to show your popularity and authority in your niche. Of course that rule does not apply when you’re at the very start. For many people numbers play a great role. That’s why when they see 2000+ followers they do the same thing by joining you. Well yeah it’s sort of tricky method but as long as it works we should take it into consideration. It is not that easy to achieve such huge numbers, so keep that in mind and work constantly on building your list.

4. Experiment

Sometimes by doing some simple changes things can turn around drastically. For instance lets take AdSense program. In order to find the best performing place for the ad you chose it takes some time. That’s why you keep experimenting with colors, position, alignment etc. Apply the same rule when it comes to gaining more subscribers. Put yourself in the shoes of a visitor and think how you could turn him into a follower.  Make them feel comfortable and relaxed while reading your blog. Don’t overuse or get too spammy because that will lead them to leave right away. Something you want to avoid.  One single subscription option can make more than 100.

5. Tell them!

A simple yet a really well performing method so far is to tell your visitors what you want them to do next. Usually bloggers decide where to place that demand in the context or either at the end of the blog post. You can consider it a Call to Action, because lots of people feel like they don’t know what to do next after finishing reading the article. By writing something addressed in particular to them they understand better what to do and how they could possibly repay you for your work.

  • Well here I am at the end of this post and now I am asking you – What do you think about these common tips? And nevertheless,  if you have a blog/site and haven’t applied them yet will you from now on? Tell me in the comments below, I would love to hear what you think!
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