How to Attract Readers to a Newly Created Blog?

What is the secret formula for attracting more readers to your blog? The secret is that there is no secret at all, it’s all about understanding and applying correctly the found information. It really is not that hard if you think about it, but it definitely requires some dedication and involvement.

Once you decide to go along this path, and here I refer to Blogging then it is very crucial to socialize with other people from your niche. Gain their trust, interact with them and keep social. Anyways moving back to the main point here and to the main question – How to attract more readers to your blog?

Well my friend, here are some really nice strategies that if you’ll start implementing will surely work for you. As a matter of fact I really would advice you to follow them along and keep me updated in the comments section below on your progress.

Attract Readers to A Blog

Content is not everything

What I want to say is that lots of bloggers mainly aim their focus on writing tons of articles. I am not saying that’s bad, but the idea here is that lots of content can’t lead to a great readership without the right type of promotion. Think about the way you found about one of your favorite bloggers. Was it on another blog or were you searching on Google for something, and then a post written by him/her came as a result. Either way at the beginning stage of your blogger career it’s going to be hard to outrank people from the same niche. That’s why the key factor here is the right type of promotion, something I will be writing more about below.


Search Engine Optimization is something that makes and keeps your blog/site alive I would say. No matter are you an expert or not, SEO is something learned through time. You want your articles to appear on first page of Google? Then apply SEO. Find the right keywords, a good post title, headlines etc.

There are lots of criteria and it takes some time to explain all of the basics, that’s why I recommend you reading the articles I wrote on this blog so far about this topic. Here is a post that I really recommend  you to take a look at:

Social Media

A great and excellent way to bring some more readers to your blog is being active on social media websites. I am pretty sure you are well acknowledged with the titans in this industry like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest.

If you want to get a good promotion and make more people hear and know about you, then these sites are the right thing to look for. No matter are you willing to pay or not, still it is something that many people appeal to.

Guest Posting

Guest Post Writing

So far I find this a great method and a nice strategy to apply for your online business. Why? It’s very effective, lots of popular bloggers are open to it. And the best part, it’s FREE. Isn’t that great? It surely is. When posting on other blogs, new readers find out about you. Besides once they like your article they might go and see your blog as well  and from there on the odds are quite high that you might get a good amount of subscribers that will build your future readership.

You better start COMMENTING

That’s exactly what I mean. Make people see your comments everywhere, be active, social, make those people get interested in who you are and where you write. Of course this doesn’t mean that you have to start spamming. It’s a wrong approach. Maybe spam worked once, but now I am pretty sure it doesn’t anymore. Also when I write about starting to comment I don’t refer only on other blogs keep active on yours as well. Respond to your current readers, communicate and answer to their questions. That’s the way you build a long lasting relationship, full of trust and respect.

Final Point

There are lots of other strategies that could help you attract more readers to your blog. So far I find these five strategies to be working just as good as many others. Keep persevering in what you do and make it easy for the potential readers to find you by applying the things I wrote above. I really hope you enjoyed this post and it was of great value to you. If it was then please show some appreciation by sharing it with others and living a comment!

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