Using Adwords for Keyword Selection


Selecting the right keyword for your articles is essential when it comes to ranking in Google. A great tool that many bloggers use for that is Google AdWords which in fact is really simple to use and can give you a good information regarding the popularity, CPC or even competition for that specific word. So basically in this article i’ll be showing you how to correctly use AdWords for keyword selection.

Choosing and analyzing the best keyword

Once you login in your AdWords account it’s not that complicated to start your research on the topics related to your niche. Below you can see the main interface and how it generally looks like.

It’s really easy and comfortable to work with this tool.  As you can see from the image above there is a special box where you can type your keyword and you have even the possibility to change locations, languages or even the devices so that you get more accurate results. Once you hit the search button a list of related phrases will appear as shown in the picture below:



Additional settings for keyword selection


In order to make your search query even more accurate you can use the additional settings placed in the left panel. There are some great features like Including or Excluding some terms, choosing the matching types as you desire like Broad which means General, Exact and “Phrase”. So what is the main purpose of all these settings? As for me and many others this settings actually play a very important role. Why? Well basically because it gives the user some good statistics on whether the words he wants to rank for are worth trying or not. For instance as a beginner blogger you don’t want to even try ranking for keywords that are highly competitive just because the CPC is really high. You will simply fail and really end up wasting lots of time in vain.

What i would recommend instead is starting to write articles on phrases that have a lower competition a Local Monthly searches averaging between 1000-5000 and that have a decent CPC. If you think that these sort of keyword do not exist anymore you are wrong. They do exist, it only takes some time to find the right one. Please keep in mind that only through patience, hard work and some dedication to learn you can succeed.

Final Point:

Well what else can i add?! Not that much, i only have  a good reminder for all of you who strive to become better at something. Keep in mind that every skill takes some time, hard-work and dedication in order to master it. So really if something is not working out, do not give up. Stand up and keep learning! I am sure you will make everything work for you.

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