8 Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes to Avoid

By the moment you start blogging wanting that or not you get to commit some mistakes. As you know there is not a certain path that a blogger can take without making any mistakes, all of us experienced at one point failures. And what makes us stronger is to face that and move on.This article purpose is to show you most common mistakes that we bloggers tend to make, and simply try to avoid them from now on!

Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes

1) Not paying attention to your readers

Most of the popular blogs around the world tend to form a active community of readers, and keep tight relations with them. If your readers feel that they get noticed on your blog, the chances of them returning to it back are very high! Below i am going to list some methods that will help you interact better with your readers and make them be a part of your blog:

  • Ask them questions, at the end of a post feel free to address a question to your audience to find out their opinions;
  • Use their answers in your future posts, so they feel that you care about their opinion;
  • Create polls, on different topics and find out what they think;
  • Invite other bloggers to write on your blog, the key is to INTERACT and socialize with other people from the same niche;
  • Answer to as many comments as possible, make yourself noticeable;
  • Also answer back to all the mails you get;

2) Not paying attention to other bloggers from the same niche

It’s well known that a company or organization can’t work without workers interactions. The same rule does apply in blogging, try to make more connections with people that are writing on the same niche. Make yourself a part of the community by talking and sharing thoughts with them. Write mails, present yourself and your blog but at the same time be careful and don’t be too pushy.

3) Posting articles that have nothing in common with your niche

I know it’s pretty hard, and it gets difficult to blog about the same topic for long time. And there comes the idea to write about something different, that makes you deviate from your main topic. And that my friends is quite a big mistake, as once you start blogging about Cars posting some Cooking recipes will make your readers think that with the author is something wrong. If they read you, all they expect are articles on the topic they are interested in (our example Cars). I hope you got the point, so really don’t try to post articles that have nothing in common with your selected niche. Better go read other blogs, and find your inspiration for another article there.

4) Changing your design very often

This days there are thousands of templates, and choosing the right one for a long period of time is really hard. As you always find something better, catchy, and more attractive for your eyes. This can seem hard, but my advice to you is trying not to change your blogs template very often, as it affects your blog brand. Besides the visitors that read your blog and see every week something new they simply might get bored, and refuse to read you for being so undecided.

5) Forgetting to include images inside posts content

Lots of bloggers pay to much attention on their content, and forget about images. It’s good that they write but forgetting about images is a fatal mistake as well. Why? Well images give readers a sense of what he is reading about, a idea. Also images make your blog more attractive, that of course makes readers wanna read the post.

6) Paying no attention to the quality of your writing

Writing Quality Content

When you start writing articles you have to be sure that there are no grammatical  mistakes in your posts. Also make sure that your posts are correctly formulated, and the ideas are presented clearly to the reader without to many useless words. Don’t forget to re-read your article for a couple of times before publishing it, so you make sure there are no big mistakes in your writing.

7) Excessive monetization

Lots of bloggers get really attracted by the idea of earning from their blog and take it too seriously. How? They simply fill everything on their blog with ads, making it a lot more difficult for a reader to read the content that was published. What reader might enjoy navigating on a blog with 10 or more ads on the same page. Right NONE! This strategy will fail very FAST. And make your blog less popular and a number of reduced future readers.

If your blog is knew, start without any Ads. Better pay more attention on making your blog more popular. Gather more visitors and readers. And only AFTER you get decent traffic then you might start thinking about earning, but don’t forget try not to over place ads on your blog as that’s a big mistake!

8) Not having a post schedule

It is extremely bad to post on your blog randomly, at a random hour and day. Or in general posting once in a month. A blog needs to be updated daily, or at least try to publish the minimum of 5 post per week. Having a schedule is very essential, so you have time to prepare some ideas about future posts and of course writing them. Following your schedule helps you maintain your blog in good regime, also your readers might know when to expect another post. At the same time it helps you increase in search engines, and make you get a decent rating.

That’s all for this posts hope you liked it and you learned something new from this article on 8 mistakes that you should avoid on your blog!

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2 Responses to “8 Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes to Avoid”

  1. Jill Mendez Says:

    It is really true many are forgetting to include images on their blog because they are focusing on the content. Remember one thing that attracts readers are images. We cannot avoid some of us are visual people.

    • Chris Says:

      Hey Jill, thank you for the comment and for sharing your opinion here! Much appreciated :)

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