4 Tips to Help You Find New Content Ideas

Content is the most important thing for any blog no matter the niche it is in. Why? Well for sure you know that in order to get noticed by search engines your blog has to offer something. And the best way to promote your brand new blog is by offering people answers and solutions. How you do that ? It’s really simple, all you have to do is offer the type of content that will satisfy their needs.

Find Blog Post Ideas

In theory it is all pretty and easy, but when it comes to applying all the things we know  some of us might get stuck. Why I say that? Because no matter how good or well informed you are in a niche, sometimes you just don’t know what else to offer. You basically lack any ideas to write about and that’s pretty bad especially if you already got a wide audience that expect your new articles according to your post schedule. That could make you look not that good in front of them and as I’m pretty sure you don’t want that at all. So that’s why i decided to write this article where I will give you some tips that will help you find ideas for new content.

1) Check your archive

Every blog has a content archive. It simply is a place where all the previous written content is being stored. So why not check that and maybe get inspiration from there? If you will look carefully at your previous articles you might get some new ideas for a new article. Find an article and once you think that you could add something more to that topic why not try and make a series of blog posts. Or just go and write another post that covers the same topic, the only difference is that in the new post you will have to offer some new information – an updated one. Time goes on and so does the information – it continually changes , that’s why if something worked a year ago it might not be working in the present. So here is a good reason for you to create something brand new that might help your readers exploiting your old resources.

2) Search for ideas

Never stop searching for something. There are lots of topics and besides for sure lots of other bloggers that blog about the same niche just as you. Believe me or not but other bloggers face these type of moments too. And what do you think they do in this case? The best thing to do is searching for ideas on other people’s blogs. Why wouldn’t you do the exact same thing? Simply spend some time scrolling on other bloggers pages and no matter what sooner or later an idea for a post will pop-up in you mind!

3) Consult your social media activity

Social Media is a great place not only to get noticed by others but also for finding new post ideas. If you have an account on a social media site all you have to do is look and check your previous activity there. Look at the comments, at what people enjoyed once and try to make something from it. Don’t hesitate to experiment. Also if you’re facing a deadlock just ask your followers, readers what would they like to see in the upcoming posts. Readers should be your number one priority and source of information, so don’t neglect them. That’s why always ask, don’t be too shy.

4) Rework the same article more times

Best bloggers know how to pick one topic and write dozens of other posts related to it. That is something we all have to master with time and of course it’s a time consuming skill, but once mastered you will not be facing any lack of inspiration no more. Anyway, you have to consider that the new content should be  unique, well structured and give value to the reader. Because that’s what they seek for and expect to find out from you. Besides the same type of article/post can be reproduced in lots of other formats like Video, Audio (podcasts), Info-Graphs, eBooks and so on.

In the end…

There are lots of sources for you to find new content ideas. All that you have left to do is explore and always tend to discover more day by day. Because if you are truly passionate about something you will always find a way out. If you truly want to be successful in content marketing, then content processing is inevitable. That is all for this article! If you liked it then show your appreciation by sharing it with others! Also if you got anything else to add you can write a comment in the section below.

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